About Dmai

Disease Management Association of India (DMAI - The Population Health Improvement Alliance) was founded by Global Healthcare leaders from India, to bring all the stake holders of healthcare on one platform. DMAI has been successful in establishing an intellectual pool of top healthcare leaders to become an enabler in building

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Population Health Improvement Alliance

Innovations @ BOP Health

DMAI – Population Health Improvement Alliance provides a platform to organizations working in the area of Healthcare for the Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP).

This section is dedicated as an industry platform for the entities listed on this webpage; to network, learn and further their outreach efforts to audiences in India and abroad

Please write directly to president@dmai.org.in for listing under this section. Please submit complete details of your services & products and how it can serve the BOP’s Hygiene & Healthcare needs, keeping the following factors in mind: friendliness of use, cost, safety & scalability

Please note: A mere submission of the details does not entitle to listing. The submissions will be scrutinized & put forth to the Chair, BOPH (Bottom of Pyramid Healthcare) forum at DMAI – National Population Health Improve Alliance. Once approved, the details shall be posted on the website. The number of days taken to list the details from the date of receipt of the same will depend on the completeness of details, queries from the Chair, BOPH and the number of applications.