About Dmai

Disease Management Association of India (DMAI - The Population Health Improvement Alliance) was founded by Global Healthcare leaders from India, to bring all the stake holders of healthcare on one platform. DMAI has been successful in establishing an intellectual pool of top healthcare leaders to become an enabler in building

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Population Health Improvement Alliance

Healthcare Companies

DMAI provides a matchless platform for all the stake holders in the continuum of care. India has several industry organizations, but none of them exclusively focus on healthcare. For other associations, healthcare is only one of their agenda items. Indian Healthcare system is passing through a very critical stage. In a land of a billion plus population, only 6 prominent healthcare groups exist. Healthcare in India has a long way to go. The world over, the major healthcare systems are failing, & this leaves India with a great learning. DMAI has established an intellectual pool of thought leaders from across the globe and partnered with organizations of repute in India and abroad to keep giving inputs for building a robust healthcare system in India focussed on the right priorities.

DMAI submitted its detailed recommendations to all the States and the national political leadership for Healthcare reforms in India in November, 2009. The detailed agenda received an overwhelming response. The Healthcare Reforms agenda was widely appreciated by the industry and the policy makers, alike.

DMAI will keep contributing to the Indian Healthcare system by bringing together the stake holders in the continuum of care, sharing experience, knowledge and setting the right agenda for healthcare policy makers and the industry alike. DMAI will hold meetings of its members, leaders in the healthcare industry, conduct surveys, publish reports and influence the industry leaders and the political leadership to help grow the healthcare industry with the ultimate goal of Population Health Improvement.