About Dmai

Disease Management Association of India (DMAI - The Population Health Improvement Alliance) was founded by Global Healthcare leaders from India, to bring all the stake holders of healthcare on one platform. DMAI has been successful in establishing an intellectual pool of top healthcare leaders to become an enabler in building

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Population Health Improvement Alliance

Health Professionals

For Doctors & Healthcare professionals: DMAI provides a valuable platform for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, counselor & other health care professionals to come together on a national platform with an international access, share information, experience, network with industry and add to their qualifications.

DMAI wishes to bring the best of educational training for doctors & other healthcare professionals in India. Recently, DMAI launched the CCP (Chronic Care Certification Programs) from Health Sciences Institute, Chicago, USA. CCP helps doctor, nurses & other clinical professionals to equip themselves with the knowledge that leads to treat patients in a manner that results in better outcomes from the treatment.