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About Dmai

Disease Management Association of India (DMAI - The Population Health Improvement Alliance) was founded by Global Healthcare leaders from India, to bring all the stake holders of healthcare on one platform. DMAI has been successful in establishing an intellectual pool of top healthcare leaders to become an enabler in building a robust healthcare system in India. In July 2015 , the United Nations (ECOSEC) granted a ‘Special Consultative Status’ to DMAI.

DMAI has today become the most influential Public Policy Organization in Indian Health Care.Healthcare policies of the Narendra Modi led BJP Government have incorporated the suggestions made by DMAI from time to time, like ; formulation of the National Health Policy, reforming medical education , Pre-emptive healthcare , child health , mobile health & telemedicine , Occupation wellness , chronic disease management etc.

India is on the verge of building its healthcare system, and it has a long way to go. DMAI is building the knowledge pool to contribute & convert ‘Ideas’ into ‘Reality’ for healthcare in India. DMAI is the only not-for-profit organization focussed on population health improvement in India.

There was a lot of encouragement and support from Tracey Moorhead, the charismatic Chief Executive Officer of DMAA- the Care Continuum Alliance & Cain Farmer, Finance Controller, DMAA- the Care Continuum Alliance; to help conceptualize DMAI. DMAI was ideated in mid 2008, and the formal process of the government registration started. The entire formalities for the incorporation of DMAI were over by June 2009.

According to the founding board, DMAI is formed to promote & increase the awareness, education and practice of preventive & chronic disease management; and to work with the policy makers for ensuring Accountable, Affordable and Accessible healthcare in India.